Safer at Home: A Letter to the CUMC Community

(This letter is also available in PDF)

April 11, 2020


Dear Sisters and Brothers

We are not exactly sure how long this lockdown and social distancing will continue. Therefore, I want each of us to apply this same mandate to any church responsibility and related activity. We do not want anyone’s health and wellbeing compromised for any reason. Indeed, God is our protector but we also need to be wise and extremely cautious about our responsibility to one another.

We will continue to monitor, listen and assess our safety before we allow any volunteers to assume their work at church and our time to worship together.

I want to thank you for your prayer and support during these days. Our church staff is here in the office as needed to carry on the responsibility. We are also using social media to stay connected and do our work.

I want to reiterate two critical points from John King our Covina City Council member:

1. To be compliant with the “Safer at Home Order for Control of COVID-19,” issued by the County of Los Angeles Department of Health, CUMC needs to restrict entrance to the church campus to our church family members and visitors that are 60 years of age or older, have underlying health issues, are symptomatic, and are considered not essential.

2. While restricting visitors and non-staff personnel (including volunteers) from being on the CUMC campus is extreme, it is in line with the “Safer at Home” and social distancing orders all of us are required to comply with. Let us continue to be urgently mindful that being out and about, put ourselves, our friends and family members at greater risk of infection

If you are sick and need a medical help please attend to your needs without any hesitation. Unfortunately, almost all medical and nursing facilities are closed to visitors some even to their own family members. But we are not far from your phone calls, text or email.

Let us fight this battle together, yes, we can.

Pastor David and the Board of Governance of CovinaUMC

Please visit Los Angeles County’s “Safer at Home” for additional information.

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