Saying “Yes”

There is something kind of interesting happening right now. See if you can hear what is going on right here. We have to get closer, listen carefully… 

We have chicks ready to hatch. These here aren’t our chicks but in a few hours or maybe even a couple of days they’ll be here. We weren’t quite ready for chicks that hatched but here they come anyway. They’re gonna be fun, but they’re also going to be a lot of extra work for us. And hear some news for everyone who sees this. When you came into the world, you were a lot of work too. Even the best of circumstances, new life is work. 

Nd when you read our gospel story today, you see Mary is probably not in the best of circumstances. But what an angel came and told her she could have a child who would free her people from cruel kinds and bad bosses – remember this guy? She said yes. She knew God could do a miracle and she could do her part and she wanted to do that work with God.

And that’s what Advent can prepare us for God‘s miracle of salvation. If you listen to the stories of advent and Christmas, watch and listen for how different people react to the news of this new life. Notice how some people see it as good news even if they don’t quite understand it. Watch for how some people respond to this new life. Notice how they’re willing to work, to begin to make earth more like heaven, and think of your place in that story and know that God has an invitation for you too. You have a role in making the world more like heaven. God handles the miracle but you get to say, yes.

Robert Gonzalez

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