2022 Scholarship Recipients

We have a new Scholarship Committee. We have met and have drafted new guidelines for applicants. Applicants need to be members of the church and be going to secondary education and meet a GPA requirement. We had 5 very worthwhile candidates that we gave scholarships to this year. They are:

AnnMarie Sykes, who is going to college at Columbia University and pursuing a study in medicine

PJ Apolinario, who is in college to become a Respiratory Therapist
Carson Quon, who is in college studying Kinesiology

Kelechi Mbaruguru, who is going to Cal Poly Pomona and pursuing a career in medicine

Chima Mbarauguru, who is going to Fort Lewis College in Colorado and studying IT, Information Technology

We will get an update from these wonderful young people at their winter break. Please keep them in your prayers as they work hard this semester.

We feel blessed we can support them financially, and with our prayers as a church, as they pursue their
studies at college.

Thank you to the church for all your support.

The Scholarship Committee

Pastor Lily, Patti Couch, Cynthia Hutchins, Lisa Hutchins, Traci Rodriguez, Daniel Gumarang, Karen
Rikerd, Miriam Sykes, Sue Selinske (Chair)

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