Board of Governance


Daniel Gumarang (President)
*Mark Dhuyvetter
*Charlie Hudson
*Kathy Larson
Patti Couch
Michael Kelly
Glen Pierce
Diane Shelman
Ken Vail
(* Incoming BOG Member as of January 2021)

Non-Voting Members:
Pastor Lily Villamin
Maria Teresa Perea Parsons (Lay Leader)
David Salangsang (Treasurer)*

The CUMC Board of Governance is composed of 12 members: 9 voting members and 3 non-voting (advisory) members. Nominated and elected by the charge conference, or annual church meeting, this collaborative group works to affirm, help, and sustain the ministries and outreach of the congregation.


The BOG meets online on the second Sunday of the month at 11:00am. The meeting is open to the public at

BOG Bylaws (revised 11/15/2020)

BOG Meeting Agenda/Minutes

Recent Work

  • The BOG has been working on a re-opening plan. We are ready whenever the District, state and County give the OK.
  • New outreach includes a “Tech Team” that produces the weekly online Click+Worship.
  • The Tech Team is working on a CUMC App? Sounds high tech!
  • Education is planning a virtual Homework Help time for kids.
  • BOG applied for and received some of the Government stimulus funds?
  • The church hosts a Red Cross Blood Drive every couple of months? We have had three since spring.
  • Outreach now includes the church’s own Zoom account? Welcome to video bible study!
  • The church internet access has been upgraded to support things like Zoom? It didn’t even cost anything extra. They just didn’t call us to say that things could be faster!
  • Our church website has had a facelift? Check out
  • The staircase to the room over the kitchen has been completely replaced? The old one was about to fall down (very unsafe) and the new one is beautifully crafted out of steel.
  • An underground leak was repaired near the chapel. The carpet had to be pulled up, dried and put back down. You can’t even see the difference.
  • BOG is upgrading the alarm system to cover additional areas and rooms on campus.
  • Several groups that use the fellowship hall pitched in to help strip and refinish the floor?
  • The BOG just hired a Church Secretary to work part time in the office.