Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 8.54.16 AMWelcome to Covina United Methodist Church. We are happy to greet you with the peace and love of Jesus Christ. Our worship service is our prayerful connection with you, the city of Covina and to our Almighty God.

We hope you will access this venue as much as you are able and are available. We pray our humble offerings will provide comfort and assurance of God’s abiding presence in our lives at times of struggles, difficulty and yes even in this challenging time of COVID 19 .

It is our joy to be in ministry with you, serve you in ways that will bring us to closer relationship with God and establish a warm fellowship with each other. Join us again and again to celebrate what God is doing in our world and what Christ is revealing to each of us in our faith journey.

Please, do not hesitate to share with us how we may further assists you and let us grow together as disciples of Jesus Christ ready to transform our neighborhood, city and the world.

Finally, remember that God’s love is all inclusive and that God loves each person deeply. And that you are deeply love by God. God will get us through this crisis because God created this world for you and I to enjoy. God loves God’s creation, deeply.  Take delight in it!

Joyfully in the service of Christ,

Lily M. Villamin, Lead Pastor

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